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EBC RACE SINTER - Brembo bagbremse

649,00 kr.
Inkl. moms Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

Extreme Performance Sintered "EPFA" Brake Pads - BAGBREMSE

Delivery time 10-14 workdays




  • The latest in sintered metal brake pad fusion technology
  • Has the highest friction rating possible - 0.6 - for strong, fade-free stopping power
  • Pad blend includes molybdenum metal and tungsten additives to enhance friction performance for the life of the pad
  • No lead, iron, or steel additives; no more rotor outline etching or rotor stiction
  • Super-fast bed-in, full friction after 10 to 15 race stop uses
  • Great heat cycle ability; pads cool after the race and perform just as strong the next race day
    • Brake Pad EPFA Series Extreme Pro Sinter

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