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GPS + GLONASS Laptimer with Color Touch Screen LCD and Bluetooth connection. Can be paired to optional wireless WID expansion modules.Supplied by factory with Inertial Pack for Lean Angle and Lateral and Longitudinal Accelerations.




Comes by factory with the Inertial Pack feature for Lean Angle and Lateral and Longitudinal Accelerations indication 

Double Constellation GPS+GLONASS Lap Timer with Touch Screen, Lean Angle with Lateral and Longitudinal Accelerations, integrated Library of hundreds of tracks with intermediates, Multilanguage menu - Transflective Color Display with Backlight. GPS Speed. Data download via Bluetooth. Double power supply: with integrated Lithium battery or vehicle 12Volts supply. 

Can be paired to wireless expansion WID (Wireless Input Device) modules in order to acquire signals from vehicle harness or optional sensors.